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Non-Profit Development Programs

Let us propel your 501c(3) organization beyond your expectations. In addition to the conventional fundraising events such as galas, walks, dinners and auctions…, we offer creative ways to get your 501c(3) noticed and maximize support levels.

Donors: If you’re personal giving plan or your company community giving goal is to support educational (K-12) programs, we have several outstanding giving options with tremendous programs. These programs benefit the preservation of historically significant aircraft, allow our celebrity pilots to visit schools across the country to support and encourage the future leaders of the next generation, and talk about issues ranging from moral integrity and taking personal pride in all facets of one’s daily life. These pilots arrive in their flight suits to the schools and have special gifts for the kids that they can have the pilots sign after the presentation. It is a very popular to get the attention of the young students, most are intrigued by the pilots and the planes they currently, or have flown. The pilots are all former military officers and most are highly decorated combat veterans. For support of our select 501c(3) non-profits…you have a chance to go supersonic in a Lockheed F-104D aircraft and earn that exclusive Mach 1 pin!

KVDV, Inc. can help your company secure necessary funding to reach the financial goals of your non-profit organization. KVDV, Inc. marketing specialists have experience in many facets of fundraising including:



  • Grant writing programs
  • Corporate foundation donations
  • Family foundation donations
  • Special event planning
  • Silent Auctions
  • Ebay charity auctions
  • Utilizing art work as a fundraising tool

    Below is information for our current clients:


Starfighters Foundation

Click on the photo below for detailed information on the Starfighters Foundation.


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